Sunday, January 09, 2011

I'm back!

So here we are, the first post of the new year... albeit 9 days in. I'm doing pretty good, finally getting used to my schedule, and now that the holidays and my birthday are over (my birthday was Friday) I'll have no distractions from blogging and packing and getting ready to move. I have just about a month to get packed and moved! I'm so not ready. I started packing a little bit this weekend, mostly clearing things out, throwing things away and getting together a pile of stuff to donate.
So my birthday on Friday was full of ups and downs. It started off great; Chris and I went to breakfast at Panera bread, where I got a free cookie for my birthday! We ate breakfast on the way to work in Mississippi, then I was able to chat with my parents who called to wish me a happy birthday before I went into work.

top: gap
heels: eBay
coat, headband: forever 21
necklace, tights, scarf: modcloth
skirt: american apparel
belt: urban outfitters
bracelet: gift
cardigan: target

My coworkers all wished me a happy birthday, and then Alexis bought my lunch, and Dara bought me a cupcake! It was so nice of them! I felt so loved :] Then, the rest of the office got me a delicious cheesecake sampler thingy, a really sweet card and they even sang happy birthday to me! I was on cloud nine by the end of the day, and then Chris and I went to dinner at this place I'd found on the internet. ... We were the ONLY people in the restaurant. Granted, it was only about 5:30 or so, but still. It was a Friday night! And no one even showed up by the time we left! They were out of half of the things we'd tried to order, and the food was severely sub-par. The drinks were good though! (Should've just gotten drinks).

So, feeling a little disappointed, we drove back to Mobile, and I tried to get a little party together at TGIFridays with some of my friends... but only one friend wanted to come. I knew that was going to happen. I went against my previous plan of not even trying to have a party, knowing this would happen, and did it anyway. I was crushed. I tried to get over it, Chris and I decided to go see Black Swan instead. It. Was. Incredible. I love love loved it!

Once we got home, I had a little breakdown about being so friendless. But I had a few people come through for me and some concerned tumblr followers and it made me feel so much better! I always have the depressing thought of the fact that I've never been good at making friends in the back of my mind, but it always seems to get the best of me on my birthday. So from now on, I'm just going to stop expecting people to call me, or accepting my invitations to hang out and just enjoy my family, co-workers and amazing boyfriend. Maybe life will be better in Mississippi. As one tumblr follower put it, I just have to think positive!