Sunday, July 31, 2011

july recap // august goals


It's been quite a while since my last post. I have some good reasons, and then I also have none at all. For the past 2 weeks at least, I've been battling a strange virus that I thought was a sinus infection that went away for a day or two, came back as an allergy attack, then morphed into a crazy rash. Ugh. Why can't I just get the flu and be done with it?! Ha. I was freaking out when I started breaking out in the rash this past Wednesday... I thought I was having an allergic reaction, so I left work to go to an urgent care clinic where the doc-in-a-box was completely dumbfounded by my condition, worrying me even more. So I called my mom, talked to my allergist, arranged an appointment, and drove an hour away back to Mobile to figure out what the hell was going on. Turned out that the sinus infection I thought I had a week ago, was actually a virus, which was subsequently causing the rash. Phew. I always have the weirdest things happen to me! The rash is finally almost gone, so I can stop wearing thick leggings in this 90° heat.

In other news, I got my nose pierced yesterday!

It was totally on a whim, but I have been thinking about getting it done for a long time now. I talked to a friend who has had hers done and she gave me no reason not to, so I did! It hurt and my eyes watered like no tomorrow. My pain tolerance has definitely decreased since the last time I had anything pierced about 5 years ago. I'm getting old!

SO anyway, to recap my goals from July:

1. lose 5lbs (get down to 155lbs)
I guess I'll count this one as being done? I actually lost the 5lbs, but thanks to the sickness/medicine, I gained 10lbs of water weight, basically overnight. UGH.

2. blog 3x a week (12 times for the month)
obviously, FAIL.

3. no bingeing (especially with Chris' birthday and the 4th this month, it'll be difficult)PASS! Even though I didn't eat perfectly and I did gain that water weight, I still kept my eating under control and did eat out of boredom when I wasn't hungry!

4. sketch/brainstorm more ideas for an etsy store (come up with a name)
erm, FAIL.

5. set date to open said etsy store
also, FAIL. Being sick made me just feel like laying on the couch and watching Netflix.

6. bake something yummy (healthy a plus!) at least twice
PASS! I baked a strawberry/blueberry trifle for the 4th, and cakepops for Christopher's birthday!

7. explore a new part of town
PASS! Chris took me to see a part of town that his extended family has some land, etc. and saw a creepy graveyard.

8. pay off credit card
eee, FAIL. I actually added some more to it... oops.

9. work with Chris on doing our first screen-print
FAIL. Partly because we still need to get the rest of his stuff from his parents' house.

10. no "new" clothes (thrifting/etsy okay, in moderation)
PASS! I actually only bought a purse from the thrift store at the beginning of the month, and nothing since then! (but boy do I have some things lined up come tomorrow!)

I'm going to take it easy on myself this time and focus on only 5 goals, since I definitely failed at least five.

1. pay off credit card
2. lose 5lbs. (I'm going to use this as an umbrella goal and include 'no bingeing')
3. blog 3x a week
4. visit Mobile (this time not for a rash, haha)
5. get at least halfway through my current book (it's pretty big)

I think I can handle that. I just told my mom that I got my nose pierced, so she's freaking out, but maybe it won't be so bad once she sees how cute it is :]

Monday, July 11, 2011

the weekend in review

hello all.

I had a fabulous weekend but could have definitely used another day at least! I have an outfit to post but just haven't gotten around to getting the photos off my camera yet, so I thought I'd recap my weekend and maybe get to that outfit tomorrow.

All photos taken with my iPhone 4 using the Instagram app.

what I wore //
dress: urban outfitters via thrifted
cardi: target
shoes: blowfish

Chris and I drove to Mobile for Art Walk and to see a friend of mine's show, but first we met up with another friend who has the cutest apartment that he's about to move out of (boo!) and Chris bought one of his guitars. We then met up with some more friends, got some sangria and delicious cupcakes from different art galleries and enjoyed each other's company as we sweated our asses off.

We then met up with more friends and went to Samurai J, a neat little sushi joint and Chris and I had out first Sake Bomb. They were more fun and entertaining than tasty, but basically you place a shot of sake on top of chopsticks placed over half a glass a beer, say "1-2-3 Sake BOMB" and pound the table, consequently shaking the chopsticks, knocking the shot glass into the beer, at which time you CHUG. Ha, like I said, it was fun!

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

coliseum pier


dress: old navy
cardi: modcloth
belt/ring: target
shoes: urban outfitters
sunglasses: forever 21
bag: thrifted

Saturday, Chris and I stopped at the Pier across the street from the coliseum and walked down the beach and took some photos. It was hot and humid, but breezy at least, thank God. Ha, I have so many outtake pictures (I guess you can call them that) where my hair completely took over my face! Lots of funny faces and hand gestures as I tried fruitlessly to keep it in place or from eating it inadvertently. We then headed to the bookstore and I got a new book to read about a mystery of a missing person that takes place in post-Katrina New Orleans. I'm already 6 chapters in and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

This week has just been one of those weeks already... where I don't feel like getting dressed all nice, like it's not worth the effort. And I have no energy to do my hair or clean off my makeup (put it on? yes. wash it off? no... go figure). Blargh. It is shark week, which is probably the best excuse. Hopefully things will look up by Friday... Chris and I are headed to Mobile for Art Walk and to see a friend's show in a gallery. I already have a cute outfit picked out, but I'm sure I'll be sweating and nasty and disgruntled by the end of the night after walking around in what will probably be 90° weather with 7584% humidity even at 10 o'clock at night. Oh well, if I get drunk enough on the free wine at the galleries I won't care! Haha, I'm not a drunkard, I swear! Just a wine-o.

Friday, July 01, 2011

goals: july

I'm starting a new little habit of making a list of goals to accomplish in a month's time. I started last month, just to see how it'd go, and even though I didn't really stick to it, I actually got close to accomplishing some and I think having the goals in mind really helped! So here are my goals for July:

1. lose 5lbs (get down to 155lbs)

2. blog 3x a week (12 times for the month)

3. no bingeing (especially with Chris' birthday and the 4th this month, it'll be difficult)

4. sketch/brainstorm more ideas for an etsy store (come up with a name)

5. set date to open said etsy store

6. bake something yummy (healthy a plus!) at least twice

7. explore a new part of town

8. pay off credit card

9. work with Chris on doing our first screen-print

10. no "new" clothes (thrifting/etsy okay, in moderation)