Wednesday, April 06, 2011

the grass is always greener


This is my second time wearing this skirt, first time posting. Can you believe these used to be shorts?! I bought these on clearance @ Charlotte Russe for maybe $4, took them home and just cut the crotch out! They were really billow-y shorts and looked terrible on my short frame as-is. I'm still not sure if they were shorts trying to pull off the billow-y look that's trending right now, (see this and this) or if they were meant to be pajama shorts.


sweater: forever 21
skirt/shoes: charlotte russe
brooch: antique
ring: gift


I wish I had remembered to take more photos of this, my favorite owl brooch. My mom got it on one of her antique show hunts and gave it to me for my birthday. The neat thing about it is, you can lift up the owl's little stomach, and it has a little circle filled with this wax-y stuff that looked a lot like the finger chapstick tins. Apparently, you put a little wax circle of fragrance in there, and you had it with you all day to re-apply when needed! It actually still has some fragrance wax in it, but it smells just like old ladies... or if you're familiar with the Butterfly Flower scent from Bath & Body Works... it smells just like that!

Sunday, April 03, 2011



I saw this wall about 2 weeks ago while we were driving around downtown Biloxi, trying to make our way around the St. Patrick's Day parade and fell in LOVE with it. I am definitely taking more pictures in front of it. It also happens to be the wall of a bakery/cafe, so the entire time we took these pictures, we could smell fresh bread! We resisted this time, though. Maybe next time.


dress/tights/sunglasses: forever21
flats/belt: urban outfitters

I'm not too crazy about this outfit, which is why I only ended up picking a couple of photos. I have to admit, I've been suffering from a little cold for the past few days (thanks, Dad) and therefore haven't been feeling very inventive. I really like this dress, but it wrinkles if you look at the wrong way. And since it has this weird tapering in the front, it makes the dress stick out like it's been crazy-starched after I sit in it a while and stand up again! I think, though, now that I've washed it a few times, it calmed down because it didn't turn out that bad in these pictures. I do feel I should cut out those pockets on the front since they seem to box out my bottom half. Shouldn't be too difficult!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

friends? who?

I really probably shouldn't even blog about this.

The more I read updates from my "friends" in Mobile on twitter and facebook, the more depressed I get about not having any friends. And, yea, that's totally an overstatement. I do have friends, I do have people I can talk to and such, but it just kills me that people I once considered my friends don't even check in on me. Ever. And I'm always torn with the idea that... am I the one supposed to be calling/texting them? Letting them know I'm thinking about them? I just feel that it should be the other way around. Am I crazy? Is that self-centered? I really don't know anymore.

All I want is a text now-and-then saying, "Hey, X happened, it made me think of you." But instead I just barely got birthday wishes from these people. It's like I'm taking their updates personally. Like, I'm supposed to feel like I was never a vital part of any of those people's lives, and that their doing absolutely fine without me... like I was never there. Like, "look at us, we're having so much fun, we could give two shits if you left or if you ever came back."

I understand I don't live in Mobile anymore. BUT I ONLY LIVE 1 HOUR AWAY. I would be a lot more understanding if I'd moved to California or something. Why is it that no one cares? Not even enough for a little "hi" once in a while. Of course everything is going to keep going now that I've left. But things had already continued like I'd already left even before I knew I was leaving.

What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to feel hurt by this? Am I supposed to ignore it, and when I see these people again, act happy to see them, like they actually missed me? Am I supposed to forget about them, make new friends, live my life like I never knew them? Am I supposed to be the one trying to salvage the friendship, since it seems that I'm the only one who cares?

God, I miss my "friends" so much...