Thursday, June 30, 2011

a fresh perspective


skirt/cardi: gap
top: ann taylor loft
oxfords/belt: urban outfitters
headband: banana republic outlet
ring: vintage
necklace: etsy via cheep! cheep!

This outfit is so strange to me. I (as usual) came up with this idea whilst drifting off into dreamland last night and thought to myself that I must be crazy, but also that it might just be crazy enough to work, and so it did. I wouldn't normally put purple and green together like this, but for some reason it seems to work. And this skirt has always been an issue for me... I still don't know why I even bought it! I think I was in that omg-I've-lost-weight-so-I-buy-anything-and-everything-that-fits phase a few years ago when it happened. Either way, I think I finally, finally found out how to wear it so it looks good on me!

Furthermore, I'm so glad this week is over! Well, after tomorrow anyway. I love three-day weekends! I have a big strawberry, blueberry, patriotic trifle to make for the 4th of July get-together at my parents' house and I can't wait to see how it turns out! I've only made a trifle once before, but it's so hard to mess up I'm almsot certain it'll turn out okay. As long as your mixing strawberries, blueberries, cool whip, pudding, and strawberry cake together, you can't go wrong. It may not look as pretty as I want it to, but at least it'll taste good, and that's all that matters. What're your Independence Day plans?

Monday, June 27, 2011



dress: vintage via Eureka Vintage
shoes/flower: urban outfitters
necklace: vintage via my mother :)
ring: forever 21

I finally wore this dress I got from Eureka Vintage! I loved it when I saw it in their store, but had to wait for that ever-elusive paycheck to come in before I could get it. I was so worried it'd be gone by then, but it wasn't! The dress actually fits better than I thought it would. I bought it even with that in mind since I'm trying to (but not actually, apparently, boo) lose weight and figured I'd fit into it sooner or later, but it fit great the first go-around!

It is so freakin' hot down here it's insane. I found this pretty Biloxi-themed mural on the wall of a random restaurant and we jumped out of the car just long enough to take pics and get right back into the car with the A/C. Pathetic. And I'm Southern, born-and-raised.

I am so ready for winter to come that I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. Yes, pumpkin in the middle of June. It's stuff like this that makes me pretty certain I could survive in a more northern climate. Maybe someday.

Oh, and yes, I dyed my hair again. I loved the purple, but after the first wash or so, you could barely see it anymore. This hot pink stands out a lot more and I love it so. Next time, I'm going to give the teal a try.

Monday, June 20, 2011

smile for the camera


cardigan: target
shirt: graniph via Chris
skirt/flowerpin: forever 21
shoes: urban outfitters
ring: charlotte russe
belt: banana republic outlet

Sorry for all the funny faces. It's so bright outside around the time I get off work, the way the sun sets directly facing our apartment! It makes for purdy pictures, that is, if I can avoid making an ugly face. Speaking of face, however, I decided to give my lipstain another whirl and I'm really starting to like it! I'm using Covergirl Outlast lipstain, and it's like a marker. I've heard a lot of complaints about how dry this makes your lips look, but I just apply the stain, let it dry, then go over it with my trusty Burt's Bees lip-balm. Voila!

And how awesome is this shirt? I saw it while going through some of Chris' things when we were getting stuff sorted to move and it stopped me in my tracks. And, being the bestest boyfriend that he is, he let me have it! I got a ketchup stain on it the first time I wore it (oops) but luckily I got it out and now it's one of my fav's.

Also, today is Fishlick's birthday! At least, according to the vet's estimate. Since since was a stray when I adopted her, I'm not really sure when she was born, but June 20th works for me!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am my hair


Ah. I feel like myself again. After ombre-ing my hair, I was left with the STONG urge to bust out my Manic Panic collection and finish the job... because that's how I felt: unfinished. I've never bleached or lightened my hair just to do it, or without then using a crazy color to dye over it. Since I work for a bigger corporation, I figured anything even slightly abnormal would be prohibited, so I just never even thought about trying. But after a brief convo with my boss, where I said "I really really wanted to dye it purple, or pink, or teal after I bleached it..." to which he responded, "Why didn't you?" I suddenly began to seriously considered doing it, even though I figured I would eventually have to undo it once someone from another department or something saw me and went all tattletale on me and ruined my fun. But then, BUT THEN... we all went down to the employee cafeteria for lunch, and lo and behold there was another employee in a chef uniform with PINK extensions weaving in and out of her braided dreds. (!!!) I saw her, of course, because I notice things like that, and I took that as my go-ahead sign... which was only confirmed moments later by my boss who said "Did you see her?"

So I did it! That night after work, in fact. It was difficult to pick between the pink, purple and teal I had on hand, but I ended up with the purple for a few reasons: it would blend in the most with my hair, therefore being the least noticeable by tattletale vultures; purple is my favorite color; and the purple fades beautifully, giving me leniency when it comes to maintenance. I love it, but it changes colors in different lighting, (in the sun = beautiful, in my office = it's black/blue/yuck) which makes it almost unnoticeable at times. My boss poked fun at me for not having the balls to go with the pink, which would've been the most noticeable, but I'm happy with how it came out over all.

Since this week at work went by with nothing but compliments (from those who actually noticed), I've already decided to try pink next as the purple fades. Squee~! I'm excited!

I've had enough, this is my prayer:
that I'll die living just as free as my hair

Lady GaGa — Hair

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hot hot hot... & flowers


dress: marshalls
cardigan/ring: target
oxfords: urban outfitters
necklace: forever 21

OH MY GOD. IT IS HOT DOWN HERE. It's sad when you sweat just standing outside. Anyway, my good friend, Riley and his 2nd in command, Ash, came to visit me on Sunday! Whenever Riley and I get together, we always end up taking photos. Before he had an iPhone or digital camera of any kind, he used to come over to my house just to take pictures for Myspace, haha. Anyone remember MySpace? Burn... That's almost like bringing up the Macarena. Anyone remember the Macarena? Of course y'all do. You're not proud of it, I know, but none of us are.

We actually came to this area of downtown Biloxi take pictures in front of the graffiti/painted wall... and we ended up in these random abandoned warehouse-like areas behind the actual wall. Talk about getting distracted. I did get to finish off my first pack of film for my Instax Mini though! I love it! It's the cutest camera, I just want to take pictures of everything!

We also made a stop at the casino where I work to show off some of the design I've been producing. And of course, no weekend is complete without snowcones! I seriously love snowcones. My fav flavor of all time has got to be Tiger's Blood, but recently I've branched out and tried cheesecake, strawberry, spearmint (also, a top fav) and orange. Ugh. Now I want one!

What's your favorite snowcone flavor?