Monday, February 28, 2011

monday, monday

I kept my promise! I don't imagine this will be a very long post as far as written things go, but I did have Chris take some photos (and they're always the best part, right?).


Chris took pictures while I cooked dinner, which was sauteed beef tips and brussel sprouts with garlic. I ended up cooking the entire package of meat, which was way too much, so the pictures make us look like crazy meat-lovers, but we're not! I should've just cooked more brussel sprouts and then I would've had enough for a whole meal later, but it was too late when I realized the ratio of meat-to-vegetable was a bit off! Oh well. I saved the extra meat and I'll figure out something to do with it for dinner tomorrow.







dress:old navy
shoes:urban outfitters
flower ring:antique, gift from mom
other rings:forever 21


I'm off to watch Freakanomics on Netflix and then do Level 2 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! Even though my nose is stuffy! Bleh!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


After two weeks of being completely without real internet (I had my nifty new Verizon iPhone, but the tiny screen gets hard to look at after a while... and I certainly wasn't going to type an entire post on it!) we finally have full-on wireless! *does little dance

I'm making a mental note to myself right now to take an outfit photo and make a legit post tomorrow!

We're finally all moved into the new apartment, so it now only takes me about 5 minutes to get to work instead of over an hour! It is SO nice to sleep in. We also just got Netflix today and we've only been using for a few hours and I already don't see how I lived without it for so long! We decided to get internet only and use Netflix to stay up on TV and it's the best idea! I'm not all that much into watching TV on a regular basis (it's usually just background noise for whatever else I'm doing) but I do have a few fav shows I can't live without... mostly Law & Order, House, etc. Anyone have an Netflix suggestions? I'm really excited about the documentaries section and the boyfriend is going to introduce me to Lost.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of the new place, too! It's starting to look more and more home-y and cute everyday!

Until tomorrow~

Sunday, February 06, 2011

so I lied.

Please don't hate me! This past month, any and all free time I've had has been spent on packing to move. We sign the papers to move in this coming Tuesday, and we're doing all the big moving on Saturday! I'm so excited! I'll finally be within 5 minutes of work instead of 1hr+! I've already gotten a bunch of cute apartment things and I can't wait to decorate!

Even though I've been completely neglecting my blog, I have been keeping up with my tumblr. And I'm trying to keep up with twitter, too. It's all so much to keep up with! But once we move in, Chris and I are having a really low-key Valentine's Day, (since we're about to fork over a ton of money on moving in, buying a couch, and buying a table, among other things) and then I, for real, will be back on the bloggin' wagon. I'll have full access to Chris and his photo capabilities and much more time on my hands to keep updating.

Not too much has happened between now and my last post. I've seriously just been packing. I did have an awesome night out last night with some awesome people that I think I could actually consider friends. And that was something I really needed. Until then, I had still been a little depressed about being forgotten (again) on my birthday and letting that feeling of loneliness eat away at me. I'm doing better though!

SO. I mentioned I'm going to be doing a blog design overall on my twitter, so expect to be seeing changes tonight!