Thursday, July 29, 2010


I hate it when my cappuccino comes out more like a burnt confused latte. I worked in coffee for 3 years or so, and I know very well that well-made, as-good-as-you-can-get-from-a-coffee-chain cappuccino is not that hard to construct. Unfortunately, for lack of time and the ability to tolerate poorly made coffee drinks, I declined to bring today's cappuccino to my corner Starbucks' attention. le sigh. So my cappuccino today was heavy; more like an extra foam latte than anything else. I could even taste the fact that the barista who made it probably let the espresso shots oxidize. Yea, three shots of espresso in a 16oz. beverage is supposed to taste strong, but not 'burnt.' ...I still drank it, all of it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


That's sort of how I feel. And although that feeling is incredibly disheartening, I also feel that I have absolutely no reason to give up hope. Patience is something I've never been good at, no matter how hard I've tried.

I have this extreme urge to move; to uproot and replant. Unfortunately, my patience-lacking makes an encore appearance and adds to the anxiety for change. And honestly, Mobile, AL, really isn't that bad.

photo (c) carol anne solberger — click it to go to my flickr!

It is a city full of character and heritage, but it moves so slowly and more often than not, it is incredibly bassackward. That is something I cannot move past. As hard as it tries sometimes, Mobile always ends up kind of half-assing everything. Get it together! That'll never happen. I can at least feel better about the existence of the try, even if the try is just that: a try. The people here are too comfortable to want to do anything more, and would be perfectly fine if things never changed.

But, where to move?! It must be a coastal city, preferably an east one, but somewhere like Oregon or Washington state would most definitely contend for serious consideration. I once considered Boston, or somewhere in New Jersey, or maybe Atlanta, but that would be temporary. I feel that Atlanta is just what Mobile would really like to be, but they just don't care enough/wouldn't accept the change. I have quite a while though to weigh my options. I've got to make some money first!

I have officially ordered all birthday presents for the boy ♥ & he will be quite delighted, but will have to wait another 12 days ;]

So many things about my life right now make me disgustingly happy. Even though I live in a slow, bassackward town and stay home on the weekends... it's the little things. I finally feel that I'm moving the right direction, even though I haven't the slightest idea as to what direction that is.

PS: I have so much film I need to develop! Maybe this weekend.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

can't feel my fingers

But what else is new? I'm always cold. I guess that means I have poor circulation? Who knows...

I wish I could record my thoughts throughout the day and play them back and post them in a blog. Some of the things I think during the day would surprise even me.

Another new blog obsession: Peonies & Polaroids. I like these photo-heavy blogs :]

Speaking of obsessions:

some things from my etsy favorites :]
personal summer themes: nautical & floral/granny chic

(not all @ once, of course ;)

s'all I got ♥

Thursday, July 01, 2010


New-ish, recently abandoned, but currently revived blog, and new beginnings.

I feel really inspired lately and it's really refreshing. I haven't felt inspired since... probably the first semester of my senior year in college (which wasn't even a year ago, but still). I can't quite figure out what sparked this seemingly out-of-nowhere alteration, but I have a feeling I know of a few coincidences that could add up to a new-found inspiration. It might be because I've been surfing around etsy a lot lately, and possibly due to my new infatuation with abbytryagain. I love that blog, I want one just like it. She shoots exclusively in film, which makes me want to shoot more film too. Her photos have that character that only photos taken on film can produce.

I get paid tomorrow, I'm ordering film, all kinds of film.

I have an Argoflex TLR medium format camera that I got from a thrift store not too long ago that I've been itchin' to try out. I wish we had more camera stores around here so I wouldn't have to wait 4 days for film. But it's worth waiting for film that's not only better, but cheaper.

Not to mention, I think I'm going to set up my darkroom soon. I finally found a place for it at my parents' house.

In other news, I ordered this bag and this necklace from etsy earlier this week! I can't wait for them to come in :]

♥ carol anne