Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fall florals

Finally! So I was going to post yesterday, but the fair got the best of me. I had a really cute outfit, but I was too excited to wait and take pictures before the fair, so we left forthwith. And thanks to the 50000% humidity (but it didn't rain!), I was all sticky and gross and frizzy by the time we got back, so I decided against taking pictures. The fair was SO much fun though! We rode rides, screamed our heads off, and ate deliciously disgusting fair food! I even had a fried oreo for the first time, and it was good. Too good. Anyway...


[ dress/necklace: forever 21 | boots: target | cardigan: urban outfitters ]




My legs hurt SO bad from training. It's a good hurt though. An "I'm working hard" kind of hurt. I'm gonna work out tomorrow, but then I'll have no workout time until Monday! I can't wait for the weekend! Atlanta! Six Flags! Shopping! Excited. Oh my, I *just* remembered that I have a caramel-pecan covered apple in the fridge from the fair!! Sorry, tangent. I got excited. Anyway. I always have so much I want to say in a post that I think about during the day, but by the time I actually get to blogging, I forget it all! I guess I should start jotting things down, yea?

I've been so obsessed with ghosts lately it's unreal. I've been watching the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures marathons as well as Paranormal State and Psychic Kids whenever they're one. And what's weird: during an episode I watched of Paranormal State, the team visited an elderly couple and the wife was experimenting with voice recorders and EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon, voices heard through white noise) and having a hard time coping with the spirits she was communicating with. And her name? Carol Anne. Spelled the same too! I've only met one other Carol Anne in my 23 years, (she's also an old lady and she works at this amazing thrift store down here) but other than that, the only other time I've ever heard my name when someone wasn't talking to me was while watching Poltergeist. It's such a strange feeling!

Monday, October 25, 2010

punkin' carvin'

Last night, Chris and I carved pumpkins! I'm a little late this year, but last year I carved mine so early it ended up rotting before Halloween even got here! Last year, I carved the chesire cat, but this year, I was feeling lazy, so I stuck with a skeleton and a kitty cat as per the pumpkin carving kit templates :] Chris, being a badass illustrator, of course, drew his own. Drew his own scary clown, I might add. It looks amazing. I envy his mad skills :]

The cat was supposed to have a little curl in his tail, but it broke off as I was removing the last large chunk of pumpkin :/ It's still cute though, and you can hardly notice.

(showoff!) ;]

All finished! (I kinda wanna carve another one!)

Sorry for the lack of fashion-related posts; I just haven't been feelin' it lately. I should've taken a pic of what I wore on our date night Friday, but once we got home I got out of my dressy clothes and hurty heels and into my jammies before Chris had time to ask, "You want me to take a picture for your blog?" Oh well. I might get dressed up again just to take some pictures! It was a really cute outfit, and so fancy!

Tomorrow, Chris and I are going to attempt to go to the FAIR!!! I'm SO excited. I LOVE the fair! Only thing is, weather says 30% chance of rain during the time we're planning on going, and down here, that pretty much means it's going to rain. (Although 30/100 wouldn't lead one to assume that) Either way, we'll have fun. Hopefully it won't rain, and we'll get to ride the rides, but if it does, we can just pig-out on fair food and play the games! Eee! I can't wait! I've already decided that we're going to go again on Sunday since the weather will be better regardless of whether or not the weather holds up tomorrow (weather whether weather!). I really want to take some pictures of lights and rides and carnies and such! But I don't trust anyone I don't know holding any of my cameras while I ride a ride, so that would have to be a no-ride day.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm going to dress cute tomorrow and try to get around to making a post! If not, Wednesday should definitely bring about a fashion-post. Yay!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ghost night

I'm home alone (well... I have a roommate in the next room) on a Saturday night watching the Ghost Adventures marathon and trying not to get scared! I'm totally fine watching scary things when someone else is watching with me, but even with my roommate in the next room, I can't help but think that every bump is a ghost! Eep! Even though I've never seen a ghost in this house before... I get paranoid :3.

So today, at the gym, I ran 3... yes THREE miles for the first time! I really thought it would take me at least a month of training to get up to 3, but I did it in the first 2 weeks! I think the key was my dad telling me to alter my stride so I run slower and make bigger strides. It made such a difference! Even once I got to 3 miles, I felt like I could've continued, but my knees and feet were hurting :/ and I now have a blister on my toe, but I'm not running tomorrow, so hopefully it'll heal before I run on Monday. I'm training for the Azalea Trail Run 5k in March, so I have plenty of time to work on my speed, especially now since I've actually made the 3 miles! I'm going to train for 4... maybe 5, just so the 3 seems like nothing.

Did I mention I'm blogging from my BED on my new MACBOOK?! I am! It's so nice, not having my old 10lb pc laptop. I couldn't even keep it in my lap for very long since it was so heavy and got so hot.

Me being a goof, the first photobooth picture with my new Mac!

Chris and I are going to Six Flags in Atlanta on Friday and meet up with my old roommate, Andrea and her boyfriend! I'm so excited, and I just know this coming week at work is going to go by soooo slow! Anyway, I'm going back to Ghost Adventures... punkin' carving tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

purple for tolerance

Just a quick post! I'm so tired! Tomorrow I should be able to update from my bed (and be lazy) because my macbook is scheduled to come in the mail! Yay! No more crappy 10lb PC laptop! Anyway, today I wore my purple for tolerance for spirit day. And so here goes:


[ dress/booties/hair clip: forever 21 | cardigan: urban outfitters | locket: hand-me-down from a grandma ]


(sorry I keep wearing my booties! I'm just hooked on them right now since it's not cold enough yet to wear full-on boots and I'm tired of wearing flats. I have more shoes! TRUST.)

Tomorrow, I should also get my ModCloth grab bag in the mail! Yea! This Thursday is already shaping up to be a good one! Although, it's going to be hard to get home from work with my new stuff and not play with it, and instead, go the gym first. Discipline!

And that's that! ♥

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

train tracks

I lied. I said I would update with pictures of this weekend yesterday, but I didn't. Forgive me!!! But I am updating today with an outfit! Chris and I rode our bikes to the train tracks in the neighborhood across the street from where I live. It was a nice, leisurely 2.4 mile bike ride. And the weather is perfect for it. Could be a little cooler, but as long as the humidity is low, I'm a happy camper :)


[ cardigan/hair clip/dress: forever 21 | shoes: toms | necklace: cheep cheep ]


Tomorrow: workout Wednesday + Moe's! I've been slacking off a bit on the diet. BAD! But at least I've kept up on my workouts. I will be better for the rest of the week! (except for date night, which is Friday, celebrating 5 months together with Chris <3) I think I'll update tomorrow!

Monday, October 18, 2010

modcloth grab bag

So, just a quick post because I'm bored @ work. I'm so excited because I just ordered this Purple for a Purpose grab bag from!!! $30 for $90 worth of accessories!!! I got an email about it around 2, ordered it (after PayPal was being a butt) about 3:15, and before I even blogged this, it's already sold out.

Things go so fast on that site! I still have yet to order anything from there that wasn't an accessory, but money was the main reason why (I have a giant wishlist... *ahem, Christmas is only a few weeks away! Just sayin' ...). I'm also such an indecisive person it's extremely difficult to purchase something when I can't physically see it or try it on. And I HATE having to return things from online stores. I recently ordered a pair of booties, each with zippers down both sides from (from this post, actually), and they came to me with one shoe having a broken zipper (note how I didn't show the broken side, ha). So, totally excited about my purchase and impatient and in no mood to have to wait to send them back and have them returned, I simply sewed up the broken side. Totally bo-bo, but totally faster than returning it.

Anyway, tangent.

So I also hate buying accessories. It just seems like such a daunting task. There are so many necklaces and rings and earrings and bracelets and scarves and all them go with so many different things it's hard to see a necklace and build an outfit around like I can do with shoes or a skirt or a top or a dress. Ugh, I always feel so overwhelmed when shopping for accessories, so the fact that I'm getting a $90-worth bag full of them by someone else's choosing, makes me totally excited. Most of the accessories I DO own were either gifts or hand-me-downs.There is the the rare occasion that I see something I just have to add to my repertoire, but it is rare, indeed. The only exception: headbands. I have always loved headbands as a child, and I still love them and I buy them impulsively. Shoes are (sometimes regretfully) the same way. I have returned many a pair of shoes that I purchased to quickly and bought the wrong size or just simply had nothing to wear them with.

So, yea. I plan on doing an update with some photos once I get home tonight and get some photos off of my camera! 45 more minutes of work... hope I can make it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


SO I actually managed to take my own pictures with the assistance of my lovely tripod since Chris had to go in to work before I got off. But then, I went to the gym, came home and couldn't peel myself off the couch to write an entry, so today you get two outfits in one post! Wee! Outfit one: what I wore to work Friday:


[ hat/top/owl necklace: forever 21 | cardigan: target | skirt: urban outfitters | booties: charlotte russe]


Outfit dos: what I wore to eat lunch @ Panera with the beau:

[ top/shoes/headband: urban outfitters | cardigan: target | skirt: dillard's ]

I am SO glad it's the weekend. Last week was a toughie. I started my workout routine and I basically kicked my own butt. I am so beat! But no pain, no gain (or loss) right? Anyways. My Friday night was pretty lame, just hung out with the roomie and some friends, watched them become inebriated and talk about elaborate art projects. It was nice though, I really had no energy to do anything else. After blogging, I plan to update my ipod and plop down in front of (hopefully) some Law & Order or House and reeeelllllaaaaxxxx. And then, once Chris gets off work, we're going to see Let Me In! And then tomorrow is Polo at the Point!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

work out wednesday

So today, normal workday as usual, but after work, Chris usually has the night off, so (since he joined planet fitness with me) we've made a habit of going to the gym and then going to Moe's for $6 burrito + drink night! So tasty! AND since it's Wednesday, that means the week is half over! I'm so ready for the weekend. Sunday, Chris and I are going to Polo at the Point at Point Clear where we signed up to watch the match and play with a bunch of expensive Nikon equipment. And free food! and free alcohol! yea! So anyway, here's what I wore to work today:

[ cardigan: urban outfitters | dress: forever 21 | necklace: antique'd | booties: charlotte russe ]


Ugh, ignore the bruises. I bruise super easy and I honestly don't even know where those came from. But I am BEAT from working out, and stuffed from delicious Moe's, so I'll end it here and pick back up tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I didn't make that bike ride on Sunday... it sort of turned into a 2-some-odd-hour nap :/ but it WAS Sunday, the day of rest, right? I more than made up for it with cardio at and after work, so I think I'm alright. I meant to do that bike ride today, but Chris had to work unexpectedly so we decided against it. He DID, however, manage to bake me and him some yummy chicken and vegetable lasagna complete with a caesar salad! It was delicious! But anyway, this is what I wore to work!

[dress/cardigan: target | belt: thrifted | booties: forever 21]


Chris is so good at taking pictures! He gets just what I want without me having to explain :]
It's starting to get busy @ work! Christmas is around the corner and we've already begun working on Black Friday and Christmas things! (I can't wait until Christmas, by the way)

I'm really starting to get the hang of this fashion-blogging thing. After blogging for... 10ish years on and off, I think I've finally found my niche! Off to bed! Work @ 8am!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

it's october, high of 90

So I'm finally updating again! I aim to make posts a more regular thing; I think it'll be therapeutic for me, since graduating left a void that used to be filled with dozens of projects and deadlines and papers and tests and the like. But enough of that, on to my outfit today:

DSC_0645 copy

Gatsby made an appearance ^^

Yesterday was my dad's birthday and Chris snapped our photo:
(I told my parents I would photoshop-in my lil' bro, since he was absent due to a bowling tournament)
So we had a tiny celebration last night, with a spill-over into tonight. We had a pork loin, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, and of course, cornbread... amazing, delicious cornbread. All wrapped up by lemon ice box pie, it was truly a southern meal. Hopefully I'll go for that bike ride I'm planning on!

So I know I said I'd update about Memphis, but I actually JUST got around to getting our film developed (lazy!). So the digitals have been up on my flickr for ages, so those will have to do until I can get around to getting a photo cd made, since I'm too lazy to scan everything and the quality is better than what I can do at home. But they're so EXPENSIVE! Especially when you have like... 10? or so rolls of film. At $3 at least per cd at the drugstore, that's at least $30. So, eventually.

The weather was AMAZING this week! Even though the high got back up to 90 today, the humidity was relatively low, which always puts me in a good mood :]