Tuesday, July 13, 2010


That's sort of how I feel. And although that feeling is incredibly disheartening, I also feel that I have absolutely no reason to give up hope. Patience is something I've never been good at, no matter how hard I've tried.

I have this extreme urge to move; to uproot and replant. Unfortunately, my patience-lacking makes an encore appearance and adds to the anxiety for change. And honestly, Mobile, AL, really isn't that bad.

photo (c) carol anne solberger — click it to go to my flickr!

It is a city full of character and heritage, but it moves so slowly and more often than not, it is incredibly bassackward. That is something I cannot move past. As hard as it tries sometimes, Mobile always ends up kind of half-assing everything. Get it together! That'll never happen. I can at least feel better about the existence of the try, even if the try is just that: a try. The people here are too comfortable to want to do anything more, and would be perfectly fine if things never changed.

But, where to move?! It must be a coastal city, preferably an east one, but somewhere like Oregon or Washington state would most definitely contend for serious consideration. I once considered Boston, or somewhere in New Jersey, or maybe Atlanta, but that would be temporary. I feel that Atlanta is just what Mobile would really like to be, but they just don't care enough/wouldn't accept the change. I have quite a while though to weigh my options. I've got to make some money first!

I have officially ordered all birthday presents for the boy ♥ & he will be quite delighted, but will have to wait another 12 days ;]

So many things about my life right now make me disgustingly happy. Even though I live in a slow, bassackward town and stay home on the weekends... it's the little things. I finally feel that I'm moving the right direction, even though I haven't the slightest idea as to what direction that is.

PS: I have so much film I need to develop! Maybe this weekend.