Friday, May 13, 2011

hipster chic


...or something like that. I was called 4 things today: Motley Crue fan girl, flower-child, weird (by the boyfriend! haha) and tattoo-artist. None of which I ever would've thought of, but I'm glad my outfit sparked interest in my co-workers today!


headband: urban outfitters
skirt/shirt/braid ring: forever 21
necklace/other rings: charlotte russe
cardigan: modcloth
cage heels: MIA via TJ Maxx


Things have been everywhere lately. I haven't been very inspired with my outfits until yesterday. And of course I jumped into my gym clothes as soon as I got home and forgot to snap an outfit pic. They were on Instagram, though... and twitter ...and tumblr.

Chris and I are headed to Mobile for the weekend! I hope some of my friends will find me worth a trip out of the wood-work to see me. If nothing else, I get to see a long-time childhood friend marry her high school sweetheart, AND it's my lil' bro's TWENTY-FIRST birthday! I am buying him a shit-ton of alcohol. He needs it. I'm sure you've all seen or heard of the tornados that ripped through much of the southeast, and one city hit the hardest was Tuscaloosa, AL. My brother happened to be in the middle of that storm, but luckily the only thing lost was his beloved truck. So now, truckless, my parents have to go pick him up 4 hours away and bring him back to Mobile to help him try to find a car and get him back to work.

Have a lovely weekend!