Sunday, February 06, 2011

so I lied.

Please don't hate me! This past month, any and all free time I've had has been spent on packing to move. We sign the papers to move in this coming Tuesday, and we're doing all the big moving on Saturday! I'm so excited! I'll finally be within 5 minutes of work instead of 1hr+! I've already gotten a bunch of cute apartment things and I can't wait to decorate!

Even though I've been completely neglecting my blog, I have been keeping up with my tumblr. And I'm trying to keep up with twitter, too. It's all so much to keep up with! But once we move in, Chris and I are having a really low-key Valentine's Day, (since we're about to fork over a ton of money on moving in, buying a couch, and buying a table, among other things) and then I, for real, will be back on the bloggin' wagon. I'll have full access to Chris and his photo capabilities and much more time on my hands to keep updating.

Not too much has happened between now and my last post. I've seriously just been packing. I did have an awesome night out last night with some awesome people that I think I could actually consider friends. And that was something I really needed. Until then, I had still been a little depressed about being forgotten (again) on my birthday and letting that feeling of loneliness eat away at me. I'm doing better though!

SO. I mentioned I'm going to be doing a blog design overall on my twitter, so expect to be seeing changes tonight!