Sunday, February 27, 2011


After two weeks of being completely without real internet (I had my nifty new Verizon iPhone, but the tiny screen gets hard to look at after a while... and I certainly wasn't going to type an entire post on it!) we finally have full-on wireless! *does little dance

I'm making a mental note to myself right now to take an outfit photo and make a legit post tomorrow!

We're finally all moved into the new apartment, so it now only takes me about 5 minutes to get to work instead of over an hour! It is SO nice to sleep in. We also just got Netflix today and we've only been using for a few hours and I already don't see how I lived without it for so long! We decided to get internet only and use Netflix to stay up on TV and it's the best idea! I'm not all that much into watching TV on a regular basis (it's usually just background noise for whatever else I'm doing) but I do have a few fav shows I can't live without... mostly Law & Order, House, etc. Anyone have an Netflix suggestions? I'm really excited about the documentaries section and the boyfriend is going to introduce me to Lost.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of the new place, too! It's starting to look more and more home-y and cute everyday!

Until tomorrow~