Sunday, April 03, 2011



I saw this wall about 2 weeks ago while we were driving around downtown Biloxi, trying to make our way around the St. Patrick's Day parade and fell in LOVE with it. I am definitely taking more pictures in front of it. It also happens to be the wall of a bakery/cafe, so the entire time we took these pictures, we could smell fresh bread! We resisted this time, though. Maybe next time.


dress/tights/sunglasses: forever21
flats/belt: urban outfitters

I'm not too crazy about this outfit, which is why I only ended up picking a couple of photos. I have to admit, I've been suffering from a little cold for the past few days (thanks, Dad) and therefore haven't been feeling very inventive. I really like this dress, but it wrinkles if you look at the wrong way. And since it has this weird tapering in the front, it makes the dress stick out like it's been crazy-starched after I sit in it a while and stand up again! I think, though, now that I've washed it a few times, it calmed down because it didn't turn out that bad in these pictures. I do feel I should cut out those pockets on the front since they seem to box out my bottom half. Shouldn't be too difficult!


The Soul Anchor said... [Reply to comment]

What a great blog! I stumbled across it via sock monkey and gee. You've got some great style, and I love the pictures of the azaleas below. I'm excited to follow and read more! :-)