Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am my hair


Ah. I feel like myself again. After ombre-ing my hair, I was left with the STONG urge to bust out my Manic Panic collection and finish the job... because that's how I felt: unfinished. I've never bleached or lightened my hair just to do it, or without then using a crazy color to dye over it. Since I work for a bigger corporation, I figured anything even slightly abnormal would be prohibited, so I just never even thought about trying. But after a brief convo with my boss, where I said "I really really wanted to dye it purple, or pink, or teal after I bleached it..." to which he responded, "Why didn't you?" I suddenly began to seriously considered doing it, even though I figured I would eventually have to undo it once someone from another department or something saw me and went all tattletale on me and ruined my fun. But then, BUT THEN... we all went down to the employee cafeteria for lunch, and lo and behold there was another employee in a chef uniform with PINK extensions weaving in and out of her braided dreds. (!!!) I saw her, of course, because I notice things like that, and I took that as my go-ahead sign... which was only confirmed moments later by my boss who said "Did you see her?"

So I did it! That night after work, in fact. It was difficult to pick between the pink, purple and teal I had on hand, but I ended up with the purple for a few reasons: it would blend in the most with my hair, therefore being the least noticeable by tattletale vultures; purple is my favorite color; and the purple fades beautifully, giving me leniency when it comes to maintenance. I love it, but it changes colors in different lighting, (in the sun = beautiful, in my office = it's black/blue/yuck) which makes it almost unnoticeable at times. My boss poked fun at me for not having the balls to go with the pink, which would've been the most noticeable, but I'm happy with how it came out over all.

Since this week at work went by with nothing but compliments (from those who actually noticed), I've already decided to try pink next as the purple fades. Squee~! I'm excited!

I've had enough, this is my prayer:
that I'll die living just as free as my hair

Lady GaGa — Hair