Tuesday, July 05, 2011

coliseum pier


dress: old navy
cardi: modcloth
belt/ring: target
shoes: urban outfitters
sunglasses: forever 21
bag: thrifted

Saturday, Chris and I stopped at the Pier across the street from the coliseum and walked down the beach and took some photos. It was hot and humid, but breezy at least, thank God. Ha, I have so many outtake pictures (I guess you can call them that) where my hair completely took over my face! Lots of funny faces and hand gestures as I tried fruitlessly to keep it in place or from eating it inadvertently. We then headed to the bookstore and I got a new book to read about a mystery of a missing person that takes place in post-Katrina New Orleans. I'm already 6 chapters in and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

This week has just been one of those weeks already... where I don't feel like getting dressed all nice, like it's not worth the effort. And I have no energy to do my hair or clean off my makeup (put it on? yes. wash it off? no... go figure). Blargh. It is shark week, which is probably the best excuse. Hopefully things will look up by Friday... Chris and I are headed to Mobile for Art Walk and to see a friend's show in a gallery. I already have a cute outfit picked out, but I'm sure I'll be sweating and nasty and disgruntled by the end of the night after walking around in what will probably be 90° weather with 7584% humidity even at 10 o'clock at night. Oh well, if I get drunk enough on the free wine at the galleries I won't care! Haha, I'm not a drunkard, I swear! Just a wine-o.