Tuesday, December 07, 2010

o, christmas tree

Finally! An outfit post! I was so frustrated last night when I went to post this because the internet went out and stayed out ALL NIGHT!!! After countless restarts of various hardware and troubleshooting, I gave up and blamed it all on Comcast. Stupid Comcast. It's okay now though. Thank goodness. I still have Christmas presents to order!


coat, tights: forever 21
dress: lotus boutique
belt: thrifted
flats: urban outfitters
cardigan: target


Look at our Christmas tree! Eee! It's my very own first full-size (albeit fake) Christmas tree! Christopher and I got it at Target for $20! And it's 6ft tall! Then we got twinkling lights for about $5, and then two boxes of ornaments for $10! I am a little sad that we had to get a fake tree, but I really don't have the resources to a. get a tree onto my little scion tC, b. pay for one, or c. take care of it/clean it up. So, maybe another year. Oh well. To make up for it, I went to Bath & Body Works and picked up a wallflower with an evergreen scent, so it's almost like the real thing ;] I love the smell of Christmas trees, it really puts me in the holiday spirit!

Friday marks my last day at work where I am now. Ugh. I can't wait! This whole thing was all so unexpected, but I'm glad that it happened. Next week I have off, with the exception of training on Wednesday, and then I'll find out when I start my new job!

In other news, my birthday is in exactly one month. January 7th. I love birthdays, I really do... but I think the last time I had a really successful birthday party that I can look back on positively was when I turned 21 (I'll turn 24 in 2011). Since then, they've been a bust. Especially last year, holy mess. Michelle was the only person to actually celebrate with me on the actual day... and then only 2 people showed up to my party (not counting Michelle who was my roommate at the time, so of course she was there... but then again my other roommate just didn't ever show). It makes me so depressed looking back on it. And I know this year won't be any different. Which is why I'm just going to have dinner with my boyfriend and then a family dinner with my folks. My birthday is on a Friday this year, which is awesome... AND I'll be working at the Beau Rivage (it's a casino/resort in Biloxi, MS) in the ad department by then, so I'm going to try to get a hotel room so I can just stay and celebrate with Christopher and eat, drink, and gamble my little heart out to try to forget about the fact that I have no friends willing to celebrate my birthday with me. Wow emo, much? I can't help it lately. I had such a hard time with what happened at work, and none of the people who've ever called me "best friend" or "friend" ever came to me with their shoulder to lean on. However, I did feel better because the people who actually did come forward offering care and support were people I haven't spoken to in a while or hardly even know. It still hurts though. It's like I graduated college and now I don't exist. Sucks. So, I started this blog with hopes of making some friends and maybe build a friend base in another city that Chris and I could move to once we save up money and gain some more job experience and build our resumes. /emorant

Sorry to end on such a sappy note, but I feel better getting that out there. Positive thoughts for me? I could use 'em. I love my 13 followers! ha (:


Claudia Paola. said... [Reply to comment]

I really like your mustard-colored sweater. It's one of my favorite colors to wear because it is so warm-toned. Your little Christmas tree is so cute- I love multi-colored lights. Unfortunatley, my mom thought she was Martha Stewart and would only put white lights on our tree... Blech- borinnngg...

Sorry to hear about your internet- I feel your pain as my connection's been bad these days as well.
*Claudia* xoxo
Molto ❤ Fashion

ComcastCares1 said... [Reply to comment]

Nice tree! I like fake trees. Less clean up, you know.:)

Anyway, I am glad that you are now back up with your Comcast service. I work for Comcast. If you need help in the future, feel free to contact our team.


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Ali said... [Reply to comment]

I love your yellow sweater! I've been looking for the perfect one for awhile now :) Love your blog! Sorry to hear about work and not so nice people! Hope things get better soon!

archives said... [Reply to comment]

i have the same christmas tree, haha! love it.

fantastic outfit!!!! ive been on the hunt for a cardigan that color!

KalynBlaire said... [Reply to comment]

i love your outfit, youre so pretty!
follow for follow?
check my blog out. im a newbie. (: