Thursday, December 02, 2010

how-to thursday

I've decided to make Thursday a How-To day, seeing as how the past few weeks have been so hectic and have barely left time or energy for me to post outfit pics. So anyway. I've always been in love with the fish-tail braid, but I'd never tried or even knew how to do it. I looked up some videos and found out it's actually really easy! I'm crappy at braiding my own hair for some reason... I'm an expert on others, but that whole side-braid or behind-the-head routine just ends up looking dumb :/ I've messed around with this since watching this video, although not very seriously, and while it is much easier for me than a traditional braid, having layers in my hair makes a bit difficult. I'm going to practice for real tonight and wear it to work tomorrow if I'm successful!