Thursday, December 30, 2010

oh my

I have SEVERELY neglected my blog and it makes me feel so empty inside! To bring you up to speed, I finished my last day of work at my last job that caused so much drama the last month or so on the 10th, had a nice 4-day weekend, went to training for my new job @ the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino on the 15th, and then went right into work the next day! So, for those of you not familiar with the Gulf Coast, Biloxi, Mississippi is home to a slew of casinos on par with those of Las Vegas, just turned down a little and with loads of Southern charm... it is also about an hour away from Mobile, Alabama, where I'm currently living. So, that means I'm driving an hour to work and an hour back everyday! As you can imagine, this situation leaves me a lot less free time during the week. Luckily, Chris has a job in D'Iberville, Mississippi, just 5 minutes from Biloxi, so I normally get to hang out/eat dinner with him after work (which usually puts me getting home even later) AND we just signed a holding on an apartment just a block from where Chris works! We're moving in February and I'm so excited! SO, in between getting a new job, commuting, finding an apartment, AND Christmas shopping/wrapping/celebrating, I haven't had much free time to update. I have still been keeping up with cute outfits, but I often get home and jump into my jammies before I remember that I could've taken a picture or two. I even got myself a remote for my camera!

And now that I've explained my absence, I promise to be back for the new year! I'm making one of my new year's resolutions to update this blog twice a week! And once Chris and I move into our apartment, I should have no problem sneaking in blog photos and upates(hopefully we'll score some nearby wi-fi).

By the way, I am LOVING my new job! I'm working in the advertising department as a print production assistant! I get to design all sorts of things for the casino, then print, assemble and deliver them! It's so much different than my old job :]

Happy New Year everyone! :]
(also, I'll probably (hopefully) be implementing a new design soon!)


Higgenbottom said... [Reply to comment]

congratulations on the new job! i'm so happy for you! and, happy moving!