Monday, October 24, 2011

teal & rust

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I really love these wedges. They really are the most comfortable heels I own. Granted, my feet still throb when I take them off at the end of a work day, but they still feel the least like I'm actually wearing heels! I wore this outfit on Friday to work and then out to the Craft Beer Festival at Beau Rivage. It was the first year they've ever done it, and it was a great turn-out! I tried such a wide variety of beer... some good, some not-so-good, and even found a new favorite called Buffalo Sweat. Yes, gross name, but amazing beer! I went back and tried it a few times, ha.

Earlier at work, however, I cut my finger really bad, hence the massive band-aid and sad, pathetic face. What's funny about the whole situation is, I cut the same finger, in the same place, doing the exact same thing about 2 years while working late on a project for school! Except this time, I cut it at work, and when you injure yourself in a casino, no matter what it is, it's a big deal. I had to fill out paperwork, get escorted to and from the medical clinic across the street by security, AND take a drug test, all because I cut my finger with a giant X-acto blade. I even had to get a tetanus shot. Its comforting to know, though, that my wound was completely taken care of and cleaned so that once I got back to work (about an hour later), I didn't have to stress about it. The doctor even gave me some samples of anti-bacterial creme so I didn't have to go buy some. Now, it's well on it's way to being completely healed, and hopefully it only takes two incidences of cutting my finger to learn my lesson.


top/skirt/tights/rings: forever 21
wedges: modcloth
brooch: antique'd