Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wedding of a friend


This past Saturday, Chris and I went to a wedding for my coworker/friend, Dara! Her theme was vintage/tiffany blue/blush pink, it was gorgeous! She and her hubby got married at this beautiful southern-style mansion with huge columns, chandeliers, and the like. The wedding was outdoors, right at sunset, and the reception moved inside where there was so much delicious food!
(excuse the unimaginative scenery, we were running late!)


It was a real challenge finding a dress for this wedding because I wanted to match her theme and I didn't have anything already in my closet. After a failed attempt at ordering a dress from ModCloth, I finally found this lacey one at a boutique in Mobile! I was hesitant to buy it, since I guess it's not really Kosher to wear white to a wedding, but this dress was closer to a beige and the more I wore it, the more pink it actually looked!



dress: polish boutique
cardigan: tj maxx
tights/gold rings/white rose earrings: forever 21
shoes: tj maxx
necklace: gift
headband/belt: urban outfitters
purse: gift
black ring/silver ring: hand-me-down


I took pictures that night with my Instagram app and they turned out so good!

Oh yea, you can really tell the difference in my hair color from the pictures we took Saturday! It's not a huge difference, but my color is little more lively and uniform now.