Wednesday, March 02, 2011

chicken boobies


Hehe... okay, so really, chicken breasts, but saying chicken boobies is funnier! To get to the point, I made chicken gumbo tonight! It was SO good! And super spicy! But the way I see, mo' hotter, mo' better. I got the recipe from here, but I have to be honest, I really only read the ingredient list and then just went on my own from there. That's just how I cook most of the time. Baking on the other hand, has to be precise! Not to mention, this recipe didn't even have okra! I really don't think you can call it "gumbo" without okra... and maybe sausage, but I was trying to keep this on the healthy side.





It was so warm this weekend, but the past two days have been a little chilly! So I wore some super comfy leggings under my dress and whipped out my new boots I got from etsy a few weeks ago!



dress, cardigan:target
leggings:forever 21
belt:urban outfitters
necklace:gift from a friend


Fish is finally getting used to the new apartment now that all of her toys are here and we're finally starting to get everything unpacked! I also think she loves to just get all up in whatever we're doing! Computer, TV, photos, working out, getting dressed, even using the bathroom! She likes to "help" as I call it. As I type, she's running around the living room like crazy playing with a wadded-up piece of paper, haha. Cats are so entertaining.


Chris and I are watching the last episode of season 4 of Dexter and the suspense is killing me! Agh! So I'm going to give it my full attention. Later~


kate maggie said... [Reply to comment]

1. You are cute as a button! I love your boots and outfit!
2. Chicken boobie ;) gumbo is my absolute favorite! Need to make one asap, you have inspired me!
3. Love your blog. Happy first week of March!! xo