Monday, November 08, 2010

blown out

I have such a headache right now! Ughh
I messed around with my blog layout a bit over the weekend. I like this better. I also added some more links to my blogs area and a recently played tracks list. It's a lot easier than having to think of what I'm listening to at the moment. I can just say, "Here's my url, it has everything categorized." Ha, I'm so lazy.

Christopher took a lot of pictures of me in this outfit, but the sun just wasn't cooperating. Most of them look blown-out, and took a lot of editing to look decent. So these 3 were the only ones that made the cut :/


dress: forever 21
cardigan: target
tights: old navy
shoes: toms


I absolutely love this cardigan. If I didn't make that clear in the last post, haha. I'm on-and-off with this dress, though. I think I might sell it, or donate it to goodwill. The zipper on the side is broken and only zips up half-way, but I would only wear it with a cardigan anyway to hide it. I dunno. I just really wanted something in buffalo plaid at the time, so I might've been a bit hasty in purchasing it :/ BUT, this was another outfit that I just threw together with things I never thought to combine before! Blogging about what I'm wearing really inspires me to look harder in my closet rather than buying new things. Not to mention the inspiration I get from looking at other bloggers! It also makes dressing differently feel like it's worth my time. There aren't too many fashionable people down here. They are few and far between. Most of my friends have unique style, but we're a rarity. So it's easy to feel really out of place when you're dressed so nice and everyone else around is in jeans and t-shirts. I kept getting looks at the mall in this outfit, but then I also got compliments on my tights :] I've gotten to the point, though, that I just don't care if my style is eye-catching. I try to take it as a compliment. But it's such a testament to the way people view getting dressed when it's fairly simple to me to put even the slightest amount of thought/energy into an outfit only to then get called out for always looking "dressed-up." I go out with people sometimes and they tell me they feel "underdressed" compared to me. I feel bad but, it's my style and it's really not hard! It's fun!


lauren said... [Reply to comment]

i love your style! cute hair too!

gee said... [Reply to comment]

oh i love this love.
i love all the color combinations going on.
i always enjoy finding new colors to mixup.
you look beautiful.

and let me tell you...i am living in WV at the moment and there is definitely NOT many fashionable people here. hahaa.. :)
have a great week.

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said... [Reply to comment]

i love this color combination! i am definitely always overdressed compared to most people i see, my campus is full of shorts/sweatpants and t-shirts! but i find dressing up to be much more fun :)