Wednesday, November 03, 2010

work hard, play harder

I am being such a blog-neglector! I'm sorry, but you see, I went out of town Friday, and I actually took pictures of my outfit and brought my laptop along with every intention that I would have the time to make a quick post while on hiatus in Atlanta this weekend. However, I worked hard to leave early, and it appears that I played even harder. Six Flags was fun, although we spent most of our 7 hour stay in the park in line for rides. I guess that's what you get when you wait until the very last weekend of the season to go. And during Fright Fest the day before Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, how was yours? I want to hear stories! My Halloween was spent driving home mostly, although before we left, we did get a chance to shop at the Lenox mall in Buckhead and go to Urban Outfitters... but surprisingly, I didn't find anything worth buying! What's wrong with me?! Anyway. We got home around 8, had to run to the grocery store to get food for the week and ended up crashing and not doing really anything special. And our pumpkins molded and deflated before even a week passed after we carved them! I was so sad! So, the pictures I posted on here are the first and only time they were ever lit :( Sad day! Anyway, this is my outfit that I wore to work on Friday!


[ headband: Lotus Boutique | turtleneck: Old Navy | brooch: antique'd | skirt/tights: Gap | shoes: Urban Outfitters ]


Fishlique, meet followers. Followers, this is Fishlique :3


I love these mustard tights! We're actually having normal fall temperatures this year, which is really strange for our area but I love it! I celebrated the fall weather by, of course, wearing these tights, a turtleneck and a wool skirt! Despite my best efforts to be warm, I've been a little sick since I got back, thus the lack of outfit posts. I stayed home from work Monday, and yesterday and today I haven't felt much like taking pictures. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow! I will dress cute Friday no matter what to go to Greek Fest ! I love when Greek Fest comes around, the food is amazing. It starts tomorrow, and I work only about two blocks away, so I plan on getting a head start on Greek food ingesting tomorrow for lunch! Yum! I'm about to upload pictures from my Six Flags trip (although there are only a few, my camera decided to die once we got inside the park) and hopefully I'll upload those in a blog post tomorrow.

'till then!


Kate Maggie said... [Reply to comment]

I have always wanted to wear mustard tights and after seeing them on so many people I think I am finally going to take the plunge! I love this look on look so pretty girl. xo