Tuesday, November 23, 2010

to the brink

So much has happened in the last week it's hard to put it all into words! Once things calm down a little more, I'll update in depth. If you follow me on twitter, you know by now that I got a new job as of Friday! I'm so excited! But again, I'll go into that more later ;]

Ugh, I started writing this post yesterday, but then my internet went out right in the middle of it, so I lost most of what I wrote and had to post-pone until today :/ Anyway, today went by.. I'll say slow-fast. Looking back on it, the day seemed to be short, but this morning it seemed to drrraaaaaggggg. I was so tired! At 3am this morning, Chris and I awoke to the lovely sounds of Fish gagging up a storm, subsequently blowing kitty-food chunks all over my sheets, bed skirt, some clothes, and Chris' camera bag... to make matters worse, Chris threw paper towels we used to clean up the mess in the toilet, which then lead to a clog, which then lead to poor Chris plunging it out for close to half-an-hour. He's such a good man though, he didn't give up and fixed it even after helping me clean kitty barf AND even though it was 3am! He's the best!

In other, somewhat lame and probably unimportant news, I finally found some gray (NOT silver) nail polish yesterday! And since I just got finished painting my fingernails my favorite mint/pistachio green, I painted my nudie toenails:


This crappy phone picture does the color no justice! And yes, someone told me I have big toenails... I am quite aware, my index toenails are huge. But I like my other toes :]

On to an outfit post! After reading Jasmine's recent Dynamic Duo post on Transient Withdrawal, I was totally inspired to try this outfit! I realized that I had the same dress and so I wore this outfit the very next day! I actually took these pictures Thursday night, since I had Christopher and he wouldn't get off work until late late Friday.


cardigan/headband: gap
dress/bangle: forever 21
flower pin: gift from a friend
boots: target


I got SO many compliments on this outfit! And to think I wasn't too confident in it at first! The dress is a tad too short, but it was too hot to wear tights. Extreme shortness seems to be a trend in Forever 21 clothing! Most of the dresses I own from there I end up wearing with tights. I felt the boots balance out the shortness in this case, though. Another thing that made me a little wary was the cardigan. I am trying to get over this problem I've had since I lost about 20lbs in highschool. I got so excited about clothes actually fitting that I had a habit of buying things that didn't really look that good on me or even things I didn't really like that much just because I fit in them! I think in this case though, I had been looking for a red cardigan for so long, I just got excited and snatched up a medium without thinking. A medium would usually fit me fine, but Gap sizes run strange sometimes. But, instead of getting rid of it, I just wear it as a top instead of a cardigan. Although I wish it were a bit shorter so it hit my hips in a more flattering manner. Oh well.

So aside from the hectic work goings-on that I've been dealing with, I was also MIA this weekend because I decided to give my personal site an overhaul! Check it out when you get a chance! casolberger.com

I also revived my tumblr, so check that out too!