Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am so sorry I haven't been updating! This weekend was one of the most stressful I've had since I graduated! Friday was an awful day work, spent mostly in tears, talking with all of my superiors at different times of the day as they tried to ensure me that I had nothing to worry about; apologizing and such. And Laurie got fired. I still can't believe it. I want to get out of there as soon as I have a window. Hopefully that'll be soon. A friend of mine who also got abruptly fired from where I work helped me get an interview in another advertising department. I had that interview yesterday, and it went well I think. They really liked my portfolio, and I had to take a little test to make sure I could really use the programs ( of course I can! ). So I was a bag of nerves ALL day yesterday, and most of the preceding weekend, and today was non-stop busy at my current job. Ugh. I haven't made it to the gym lately, and I've been eating terribly, trying to cope with all this stress. I tried to get back in groove today, but the jobs were just mounting up, and I had to waste time this morning moving into another new office with the rest of the artists. So, on the positive side, I now have a door/window I can open and feel the breeze, and a much, much bigger desk :]


shirt/bangle: forever 21
necklace: antique'd
skirt: urban outfitters
tights (self-ripped, ha): target
booties: charlotte russe
purse: modcloth (part of my grab bag!)

Christopher and I went on a date to celebrate his new job and to smooth over my terrible Friday. We went to Butch Cassidy's for burgers and beer and I even had a coupon for a free appetizer! So, of course, we got fried pickles, YUM.

On Sunday, we met up with some people at the Renaissance Faire! I've always seen it advertised, but this is the first year I've actually gone! It was a lot of fun! I took over 550 pictures! I put the best on my flickr, so go take a look! It would take me days to put them all on my blog, but they're great pictures.

So anyway, I'm not sure how often this week I'll get to post an outfit, but I'll try to keep updating with other interesting things. I'm just ready for next week so I only have to go to work 3 days, and then I get to cook, eat and hang out with family. Phew. Only a little over a week away! I hope work isn't too busy tomorrow... I need to get back on my lunch-time workout routine. I swear sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me sane, haha.

Wish me luck that I got that job! I hope, I hope, I hope!!!


genevieve, sandbox romance said... [Reply to comment]

Good luck with the job!! Fingers crossed, for sure.

I adore your hair! Plus, that skirt is sick awesome.

maggeygrace said... [Reply to comment]

Someone told me today that cheetah print can't be classy.

I should have just shown them these pictures ;)!

I also wore cheetah print to prove them wrong. Twins!

:) Good luck with the job!