Sunday, November 07, 2010

friday night greek fest

Friday was a much needed night out with friends. We went to Greek Fest and ate delicious Greek food, sat on a curb and split a couple of bottles of wine, and then went to Serda's for coffee and chatter. Even though it was cold, and no one actually at Greek Fest got to see my outfit since it was under a pea coat, I still dressed up! I really like this outfit. I love when I end up putting together an outfit I really like using things I already had in my closet! I had never thought of this combination before, just when I was thinking I had nothing to wear! Get used to seeing this mustard cardigan thought, I absolutely love it! I've been looking for a mustard cardigan for over a year now but just hadn't found one. So when I saw this one @ Target I almost dropped everything to try it on :]


I think I'm going to keep these straight bangs for a while, I'm really starting to like them! Straight bangs seem so "winter" to me for some reason. I guess because they look really cute under a hat :]


[ hair clip: urban outfitters | cardigan/boots: target | tights: gap | shorts: old navy | necklace: gift from a friend ]

I actually went shopping yesterday for the first time in a while! I got a really cute red pea coat from forever 21, and a cute shirt-dress! I've already been wearing the pea coat around, can't wait to show it off :] I also got some smelly-good things from bath and body works. My room smells SO good!


gee said... [Reply to comment]

oh my i <3 greek food.
i am hungry just thinking about it.
i just got bangs and they are a little hard to get use too..but i agree with you on the hat/beanie thing..they def. look better with one on.