Thursday, November 11, 2010


SO. I ended up not feeling much like an outfit post yesterday. My outfit wasn't all that great anyway. Well... it was alright. Not one of my best, but nice enough. And while I didn't get a legitimate photoshoot, I did take a cellphone pic as a preview of sorts.


I wore a bluish, leopard-print cardi and a black dress from Forever 21, and some black Urban Outfitters flats. The locket is a hand-me-down from my grandmother, and it even has a picture of my dad's uncle and cousin in military garb from way back when! It's pretty cool, I love learning about family histories!

In other news, Christopher got a real job! I'm so proud of him! He now works for a printing/design company in Mississippi! He finally gets a steady paycheck and a steady schedule! The only downside, it's an hour and fifteen minutes away from Mobile :[. Which means he'll be commuting that much everyday and will eventually move back in with his parents to save on rent and gas. I guess with good comes bad, but I'm so happy for him overall. It'll really work out for the best, and once he's able to save some money, hopefully we'll be able to move to Atlanta in a year or so! EEE!

The holidays are fast approaching and I can't wait! I love cold weather and cold weather activities! Not to mention cold weather fashion! I'm going try to try to do all of my Christmas shopping this year from etsy. I think it'll be challenge (especially for my little bro, he is so hard to shop for! he might end up just getting presents for his new puppy instead! hehe) but ultimately satisfying and rewarding. Talk about unique gifts! I've got to start shopping soon!