Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fall florals

Finally! So I was going to post yesterday, but the fair got the best of me. I had a really cute outfit, but I was too excited to wait and take pictures before the fair, so we left forthwith. And thanks to the 50000% humidity (but it didn't rain!), I was all sticky and gross and frizzy by the time we got back, so I decided against taking pictures. The fair was SO much fun though! We rode rides, screamed our heads off, and ate deliciously disgusting fair food! I even had a fried oreo for the first time, and it was good. Too good. Anyway...


[ dress/necklace: forever 21 | boots: target | cardigan: urban outfitters ]




My legs hurt SO bad from training. It's a good hurt though. An "I'm working hard" kind of hurt. I'm gonna work out tomorrow, but then I'll have no workout time until Monday! I can't wait for the weekend! Atlanta! Six Flags! Shopping! Excited. Oh my, I *just* remembered that I have a caramel-pecan covered apple in the fridge from the fair!! Sorry, tangent. I got excited. Anyway. I always have so much I want to say in a post that I think about during the day, but by the time I actually get to blogging, I forget it all! I guess I should start jotting things down, yea?

I've been so obsessed with ghosts lately it's unreal. I've been watching the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures marathons as well as Paranormal State and Psychic Kids whenever they're one. And what's weird: during an episode I watched of Paranormal State, the team visited an elderly couple and the wife was experimenting with voice recorders and EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon, voices heard through white noise) and having a hard time coping with the spirits she was communicating with. And her name? Carol Anne. Spelled the same too! I've only met one other Carol Anne in my 23 years, (she's also an old lady and she works at this amazing thrift store down here) but other than that, the only other time I've ever heard my name when someone wasn't talking to me was while watching Poltergeist. It's such a strange feeling!


Indy said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, that horse necklace is super cool! Love it with that pretty print!