Wednesday, October 20, 2010

purple for tolerance

Just a quick post! I'm so tired! Tomorrow I should be able to update from my bed (and be lazy) because my macbook is scheduled to come in the mail! Yay! No more crappy 10lb PC laptop! Anyway, today I wore my purple for tolerance for spirit day. And so here goes:


[ dress/booties/hair clip: forever 21 | cardigan: urban outfitters | locket: hand-me-down from a grandma ]


(sorry I keep wearing my booties! I'm just hooked on them right now since it's not cold enough yet to wear full-on boots and I'm tired of wearing flats. I have more shoes! TRUST.)

Tomorrow, I should also get my ModCloth grab bag in the mail! Yea! This Thursday is already shaping up to be a good one! Although, it's going to be hard to get home from work with my new stuff and not play with it, and instead, go the gym first. Discipline!

And that's that! ♥