Saturday, October 09, 2010

it's october, high of 90

So I'm finally updating again! I aim to make posts a more regular thing; I think it'll be therapeutic for me, since graduating left a void that used to be filled with dozens of projects and deadlines and papers and tests and the like. But enough of that, on to my outfit today:

DSC_0645 copy

Gatsby made an appearance ^^

Yesterday was my dad's birthday and Chris snapped our photo:
(I told my parents I would photoshop-in my lil' bro, since he was absent due to a bowling tournament)
So we had a tiny celebration last night, with a spill-over into tonight. We had a pork loin, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, and of course, cornbread... amazing, delicious cornbread. All wrapped up by lemon ice box pie, it was truly a southern meal. Hopefully I'll go for that bike ride I'm planning on!

So I know I said I'd update about Memphis, but I actually JUST got around to getting our film developed (lazy!). So the digitals have been up on my flickr for ages, so those will have to do until I can get around to getting a photo cd made, since I'm too lazy to scan everything and the quality is better than what I can do at home. But they're so EXPENSIVE! Especially when you have like... 10? or so rolls of film. At $3 at least per cd at the drugstore, that's at least $30. So, eventually.

The weather was AMAZING this week! Even though the high got back up to 90 today, the humidity was relatively low, which always puts me in a good mood :]