Saturday, October 23, 2010

ghost night

I'm home alone (well... I have a roommate in the next room) on a Saturday night watching the Ghost Adventures marathon and trying not to get scared! I'm totally fine watching scary things when someone else is watching with me, but even with my roommate in the next room, I can't help but think that every bump is a ghost! Eep! Even though I've never seen a ghost in this house before... I get paranoid :3.

So today, at the gym, I ran 3... yes THREE miles for the first time! I really thought it would take me at least a month of training to get up to 3, but I did it in the first 2 weeks! I think the key was my dad telling me to alter my stride so I run slower and make bigger strides. It made such a difference! Even once I got to 3 miles, I felt like I could've continued, but my knees and feet were hurting :/ and I now have a blister on my toe, but I'm not running tomorrow, so hopefully it'll heal before I run on Monday. I'm training for the Azalea Trail Run 5k in March, so I have plenty of time to work on my speed, especially now since I've actually made the 3 miles! I'm going to train for 4... maybe 5, just so the 3 seems like nothing.

Did I mention I'm blogging from my BED on my new MACBOOK?! I am! It's so nice, not having my old 10lb pc laptop. I couldn't even keep it in my lap for very long since it was so heavy and got so hot.

Me being a goof, the first photobooth picture with my new Mac!

Chris and I are going to Six Flags in Atlanta on Friday and meet up with my old roommate, Andrea and her boyfriend! I'm so excited, and I just know this coming week at work is going to go by soooo slow! Anyway, I'm going back to Ghost Adventures... punkin' carving tomorrow!