Monday, October 18, 2010

modcloth grab bag

So, just a quick post because I'm bored @ work. I'm so excited because I just ordered this Purple for a Purpose grab bag from!!! $30 for $90 worth of accessories!!! I got an email about it around 2, ordered it (after PayPal was being a butt) about 3:15, and before I even blogged this, it's already sold out.

Things go so fast on that site! I still have yet to order anything from there that wasn't an accessory, but money was the main reason why (I have a giant wishlist... *ahem, Christmas is only a few weeks away! Just sayin' ...). I'm also such an indecisive person it's extremely difficult to purchase something when I can't physically see it or try it on. And I HATE having to return things from online stores. I recently ordered a pair of booties, each with zippers down both sides from (from this post, actually), and they came to me with one shoe having a broken zipper (note how I didn't show the broken side, ha). So, totally excited about my purchase and impatient and in no mood to have to wait to send them back and have them returned, I simply sewed up the broken side. Totally bo-bo, but totally faster than returning it.

Anyway, tangent.

So I also hate buying accessories. It just seems like such a daunting task. There are so many necklaces and rings and earrings and bracelets and scarves and all them go with so many different things it's hard to see a necklace and build an outfit around like I can do with shoes or a skirt or a top or a dress. Ugh, I always feel so overwhelmed when shopping for accessories, so the fact that I'm getting a $90-worth bag full of them by someone else's choosing, makes me totally excited. Most of the accessories I DO own were either gifts or hand-me-downs.There is the the rare occasion that I see something I just have to add to my repertoire, but it is rare, indeed. The only exception: headbands. I have always loved headbands as a child, and I still love them and I buy them impulsively. Shoes are (sometimes regretfully) the same way. I have returned many a pair of shoes that I purchased to quickly and bought the wrong size or just simply had nothing to wear them with.

So, yea. I plan on doing an update with some photos once I get home tonight and get some photos off of my camera! 45 more minutes of work... hope I can make it!


Cattie said... [Reply to comment]

How did your grab bag turn out? :) I just ordered the new version, and I'm wondering...